June 7, 2019
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So, every text read in a book or on one of the Internet sites is unique, that is not written off from another source, but created by a separate author, even a copywriter. This means that copyrights are not violated in any way and no conflicts.

The paper writer of the sites, however, like the authors of the books, will never take on other people’s thoughts, and, moreover, ready-made texts; because they perfectly understand that this is not only a “bad reputation”, but an administrative offense. But naughty students can with pleasure.

However, there is another option when you do not undermine your thesis work, and that’s how many students use it, both full-time and part-time. To keep the text unique, you can quote quotes from famous people, but in this case, limit these written off phrases in quotes, while indicating the literary source from which they were borrowed.

If the teacher checks the content of the diploma for uniqueness by using a special program on the computer, then there can be problems, because, in fact, quotes (even in quotation marks) – this is the same plagiarism that is categorically forbidden when passing the thesis.

It’s very difficult to write a unique diploma, especially when knowledge in a subject leaves much to be desired, and spaces in memory and a bright student life have completely superseded them. Of course, there are those units that are engaged in their scientific work, but not that many students make that dissertation examples.

In general, it is now clear how to make your thesis work unique so that no one teacher finds fault and does not blame for gross copyright infringement. Two methods are described in detail below:

1) Use of synonyms. If you read the original sentence, and then simply rephrase it, but retain the meaning (include the synonyms in the content), then the uniqueness of the text increases several times, which is what the student needs to get a high mark dissertation examples.